Sergio Ramos launches new website

Sergio Ramos launches new website

Sergio Ramos launches new website

This morning, Sergio Ramos launched his new website: As his agent, I have been actively involved in the process of developing the site. There have been many months of hard work, recording and production, but I think the final product is a worthy reflection of the countless hours dedicated to the project.

The world of professional sport is making great strides in terms of communication and marketing and here at RR Soccer Management Agency, we believe a consolidated digital identity to be essential and an attractive website is, therefore, an indispensable tool.

In the case of Sergio, this is an innovative site, with a strong interactive element, new formats and extensive audiovisual content that gives visitors a never-before-seen glimpse at aspects of his life and personality. In addition to live updates from Sergio’s social media profiles, you can see the major landmarks in his career and statistics and data updated in real time. Ultimately, fans all over the world will be able to get to know Sergio better, both in his professional and personal life: his passion for horses, his love of music and his family.

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I cannot forget all those who participated in the site: coaches, teammates, friends and family… thank you all for your efforts in contributing to Sergio’s story, of which you are all a fundamental part.

The launch date of is certainly no coincidence. What better day than your 30th birthday? I hope you enjoyed these videos I’ve prepared with several of your friends. You’re a much loved person, it must be for something. Keep it up, brother.

René Ramos

President, RR-Soccer Management Agency