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Historic Night in Milan: Sergio and Marcelo Win their Second UEFA Champions League

Historic Night in Milan: Sergio and Marcelo Win their Second UEFA Champions League

On Saturday 28 May, Real Madrid were crowned champions of Europe for the eleventh time. Sergio Ramos and Marcelo, both represented by RR Soccer Management Agency, collected their second UEFA Champions League medals.

Winning this tournament is no easy feat. Many great players have finished their careers without ever achieving the title. Winning a UEFA Champions League is within reach of very few footballers. To win two is reserved for an even more select group.

Sergio, brother, what can I tell you that you don’t know already? You deserve everything that has come your way. You never had anything handed to you and I’m sure that you’ll continue with same ambition and dedication to keep winning titles. I can’t describe the emotions we felt in the stands of the San Siro when you scored the final’s opening goal. Words are not enough. Those of us who know you are certain that you won’t drop the pace and that you will continue to compete with the same intensity and ambition as when you kicked a ball around Camas.

sergio champions

Marcelo, you are also a fundamental part of this Real Madrid team. I saw you suffer and grit your teeth in extra time. You gave everything up to the last drop of sweat, as you always do. You are an exemplary athlete, on and off the field, and I am especially pleased that you played in this final as a starter and you can treasure the memory of this title forever.

Marcelo champions

Sergio and Marcelo, I hope you both go on to win many more titles. It is an honour to represent you both.

René Ramos

President, RR-Soccer Management Agency

Agreement with Magnus Sport

Agreement with Magnus Sport

The agencies of René Ramos (RR-Soccer Management Agency) and Marc Anthony (Magnus Sports) have reached a collaboration agreement for joint operations in the area of athletes’ image rights in the American sports market.

This agreement will allow RR-Soccer Management Agency to strengthen the portfolio of services it offers its clients, alongside a partner that shares the same values and philosophy based on professionalism, rigour and personalized service.

Magnus Sports was founded by international music icon Marc Anthony and specializes in representing and managing image rights for athletes of the highest level. The agency has a deep knowledge of the American market, which is becoming ever more important in the world of professional football.

Under the agreement, Magnus Sports joins the prestigious team of collaborators of RR-Soccer Management Agency, which offers committed, professional and comprehensive services to athletes.